Help me, please!

I need HELP.. and answers.

Short and sweet, something is wrong.

I’ve been dealing with PTSD and my incredibly shitty childhood for a while now.  I’ve done an ok job, but I’m freaking out, literally.

I just watched a movie and was SEVERELY triggered. (Girl had a flashback of being molested and, although it was implied, it was obvious).  I felt it coming & tried to leave quickly.

As I walked out, I became very dizzy (as if I were drunk) and very nauseated.  My heart began to pound.  I faught not to dissociate in the lobby… it was horrible.

I’ve had panic attacks, but this just felt different.   Is this a response to being triggered? I just can’t shake it!



4 thoughts on “Help me, please!

  1. Sounds like a huge adrenaline rush – a very cellular reaction. I can imagine it was really scary. And with that reaction might take a while to relax with all that adrenaline. I’d anticipate feeling exhausted in a few hours. Just keep yourself safe, warm, a warm drink (preferably hot choc or chamomile tea), a nice soft blanket and some trash tv of a good book. Look after yourself xx

    • Amen… went home & slept 4 hours. Met with Dr H today & talked through things, including painful memories I’d yet to share. It was good. Movie should come with trigger warnings. I have many friends who liked the movie & simply didn’t know to warn me… including my daughter, since she has no idea of my childhood traumas.

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