Group therapy

What is your opinion of group therapy?


6 thoughts on “Group therapy

  1. I think group therapy can be very helpful except when it’s not. If one person is not invested in the group or lacks the ability to be aware of others the group can be harmful not helpful. That is when the leader must step in. One group was like that and the two leaders asked her to leave basing the request on the fact that she came into the group late anyway. After that it was beneficial for all.

  2. I drift in and out of group therapy. I find the people can be ‘precious’ at times which comes from different levels of healing and I find the under currents can be a bit mean at times. Like all group things, support groups aren’t void of finding ‘cliches’ which form and irritate everyone else! So I’d use it as and when, but not as an ‘only just’ and remember a combination of variable ‘healed/ing’ people isn’t always very productive without a good facility! Good luck though xxx

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