Life ain’t good

Things are low.  Things are usually low, but bad these days.  We have no money and school starts tomorrow.  The car is in the shop and fixed, but we don’t have $3300 to pay for it.  The pain of failure looms so heavy right now.  So heavy, actually, that “options” are looking like good ideas… 

I could make my death look like an accident.  I’ve got plans… could I do that?  How long would they need to wait for a payoff? 

I have a cancer policy that pay $10,000 if I’m diagnosed with cancer.  Is praying for some “simple” cancer crazy? Again, how long would a payoff take? 
Seriously, I’ve given up expensive meds already.  What else should I give up to just make sure this family survives? 

Life ain’t good.


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