Bio: I'm a mother, wife, educator, learner, believer, doubter, thinker, doer just wandering thru life trying to find my way. In the past 18+ months, my life has turned upside down. I began struggling with nightmares & memories that made no sense to me around my 40th birthday. I began looking for help and eventually ended up in therapy & with multiple diagnosis-- PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxierty Disorder, among a few. I survived 11 years of incest and all the pain that brings. Now, I'm confused, scared, anxious but hopeful that therapy, meds and time will help me heal. Welcome to my world.

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  1. Unfortunately I don’t know any other way of contacting you … But I wanna say, I’m here for you if you need somebody to talk or whatever! Either via mail: alex.kraehenbuehl at gmail.com or kik: lost_princess5

  2. Therapy for me was the only way I could find to deal with these triggers and nightmares. Just a word of advice, when I started therapy, “peeling of the onion” was not the best decision I made as the therapist conducting this therapy was not qualified and it turned into a catastrophe. I hope you have an experienced trauma therapist, as I have now. Just know you are doing the best that you can and kudos to you for all that you’ve been through and you can say you are a survivor. Deb

  3. Your story is a lesson about courage and being a survivor of your own destiny…11 years of pain and a lifetime of memories and nightmares…is hard and painful to even imagine. I admire your inner strength, you have the heart of a warrior!
    Thank you so much for following my blog, I’m honored! It took me so long to answer (too long and I apologize for that) because of one unexpected trip, but now I’m back, sending all the positive energy and best wishes to you!

  4. Hi I like your bravery and honesty so I’m nominating you for a liebster award. I will be writing a post on my mental health blog brokenglassshimmers.wordpress.com shortly explaining what this means. If you’d like to contact me for further info my email address is spursbythebeach@hotmail.co.uk or you can tweet me @spursbythebeach , congratulations! 🙂

  5. I, too, am an incest survivor. Even after all these years, I still carry the emotional scars. We are so hard on ourselves, so critical of ourselves for the simple fact that were wounded. Surely, we would have more mercy for a child in similar circumstances today. Why then is it this difficult to muster mercy for our own “inner child”? Inviting loved ones in (rather than maintaining a “happy” facade) has been a help to me. Try and remember that your life is precious, even when it does not feel that way.

  6. You’re brave for going to therapy, and for writing this blog. I’m sorry you feel scared. I get scared too. But if you’re alive, there’s always a chance to recover, and you’re making the world a kinder place for sharing your experiences and, in doing so, showing what strength a human can have. 🙂

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